Framed: Butterfinger Cake

I wasn’t sure Kate would make it back to the blog to post again, because it seems Christy Jordan’s Butterfinger Cake sent her into a swoon that required rest and rhythmic breathing. In any event, you saw it here first, folks: Framed cooks with crushed candy!

Oh, this cake.

I’m kind of at a loss, and probably the best thing to say is simply the following:

1. Devil’s food cake.

2. Caramel glazed poured OVER the devil’s food cake. While it is still warm. After you have poked holes in it so that the caramel can soak deep into the warm cake.

3. Freshly whipped sweetened cream on the top of the cake.

4. Crushed Butterfinger bars sprinkled liberally over the cream topping. And I do mean liberally.

At this point you may need to breathe into a brown paper bag because of all the excitement. This recipe comes from a great new cookbook called Southern Plate that holds a particular special place in my Southern husband’s heart, for obvious reasons. I think you’ll be able to see from this cover why he was very happy to see this particular book on the kitchen counter.

It’s full of all sorts of great stuff, but the desserts are what really caught my eye. Many of them call for packaged ingredients like cake mix, which is just fine with me because they are combined in various ways that make me need to breathe into a brown paper bag. As a matter of fact, this particular recipe called for using Cool Whip instead of homemade whipped cream, and I’m sure that would have worked out just fine. I happened to have some cream in my fridge that needed to be used, but I am certainly no stranger to the wonders of cooking with Cool Whip.

Luckily for me, my house was full of teenagers the weekend I made this cake, or there is an extremely good chance that I would have just sat down with the entire cake and a fork. You have been warned…

Butterfinger Cake, from Southern Plate

  • 1 box devil’s food cake mix
  • 1 14 ounce can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 12 ounce jar caramel topping
  • 1 12 ounce container whipped topping (aka Cool Whip. Or make your own by whipping 1 cup heavy cream with 1/4 cup confectioner’s sugar and 1 teaspoon vanilla until soft peaks form.)
  • 1-2 Butterfinger bars, crushed.

1. Prepare the cake according to package directions. Immediately after removing the cake from the oven, poke several holes in it with a fork or a skewer. Mix the condensed milk with the caramel topping and spread over the entire cake.

2. Cook cake completely, then spread the whipped topping over the top, and sprinkle the crushed Butterfinger over the topping.

3. Stand back!

4 Responses to “Framed: Butterfinger Cake”
  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about domatophobia.

  2. Framed Cooks says:

    Hi Peggy! I made this cake in a tube pan so it was all one piece. I think you could also make it in a 13 x 9 inch rectangular pan if you wanted to – or even as cupcakes! But the tube pan worked just fine for me. Happy baking!

    • Galia says:

      This guy does some awesome work! If you have never seen his art in psreon, it’s absolutely worth checking out! I just saw a sample of his work this past weekend downtown orlando and it caught my eye.Keep it up bro, your doing a killer job and I’ll be a returning customer. FOR SURE!!!

  3. Peggy Clark says:

    I didn’t understand if this cake was two layers put together, especially when it said to poke holes in it.

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