Win a Night Out for Your Book Club

Earlier this week, I introduced you to Andrea and Nancy, authors of the novel The Recipe Club, who were gracious enough to share one of their recipes from the book with us. (Check out their website to find fun quizzes, tips on how to start your own recipe club, and their blog, or read excerpts from their terrific novel. )

Our friends at Harper Paperbacks are holding a sweepstakes sure to appeal to fans of a good meal and a good book. The themed prize packages are as follows:

  • 1st Prize is a night out for your book club at a local restaurant featuring dishes from the book, a live Skype chat with the authors, and up to 12 signed copies of The Recipe Club.
  • 2nd Prize is treats inspired by The Recipe Club sent to your next book club meeting and up to 12 signed copies of the book.
  • 3rd Prize is up to 12 signed copies of The Recipe Club for your book club.

If you want to win one of those sweet prizes, be sure to enter by Halloween, when the sweeps entry page closes. And if you want to ask the authors questions about cooking, writing, or their novel, join Book Club Girl on her radio show with the authors on November 3. It’s a live web event and everyone’s invited! Learn more and RSVP.

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