5 Qualities That Make Christy Jordan America’s Next Celebrity Chef

Southern Plate by Christy JordanPlease welcome Julia Cheiffetz, editor of Christy Jordan’s new cookbook, Southern Plate. Julia joins us as a guest blogger to kick off the publication of Southern Plate, which is on sale everywhere today.

Some people say success is all about timing and luck. In the case of Southern food sensation Christy Jordan, it’s about family values, hard work, and being grateful for life’s simple pleasures. The first time I spoke to Christy, I knew she had something very special: “This woman is a star,” I said to our publisher. The entire team here at Morrow has fallen in love with Christy, and I know you will, too. (PS: Christy is much too humble to say anything like this about herself… Christy, please don’t kill me for speaking the truth!)

1) Star Power. You should have SEEN this Alabama native in action with our marketing and publicity team here in New York City this past summer. Not only did Christy bake cookies for everyone in the room, she had us rolling on the floor with laughter when she told us about her cab ride from the airport. When Christy Jordan walks into a room, people melt like butter. (FYI, checkout Christy’s book tour schedule for a chance to meet her in person.)

2) Storytelling. You’ll go gaga for the photographs and recipes in Southern Plate (photographs taken by Southern Living staffer Jen Davick), but I can guarantee that’s not why you’ll want to buy copies for your loved ones for the holidays. Christy’s wonderful stories – from learning how to drive on country roads, to the seven Christmas cakes her grandma bakes every year – are what make Southern Plate truly magical.

3) A Strong Sense of Tradition. Christy is a ninth-generation Alabaman and family traditions are what drive her life: “I’ll be the first one to tell you that I’m no one special, but I come from some awfully good people. In my opinion, some of the best people who ever walked this earth and yet they were never known outside of their little boroughs until now. My stories and recipes are a gift from my ancestors.”

4) Delicious, No Fuss Recipes. Christy is a working mom and understands that there aren’t enough hours in the day. She offers simple, quick, economical recipes (like Mama’s Meatloaf and Chicken & Dumplings) that are perfect for working families.

5) Hard Work and Humble Pie. One of the first things I noticed about Christy is she signs all of her emails “gratefully.” This video of Christy opening a finished copy of Southern Plate in the mail makes me tear up. I hope you will join me in watching Christy on her remarkable journey and I hope you will want to tell your friends and family about her new book, Southern Plate.

7 Responses to “5 Qualities That Make Christy Jordan America’s Next Celebrity Chef”
  1. Karen s. Jones says:

    Christy, never heard of you until in saw you on QVC. I have spent the last two days reading all about you on your website. I have enjoyed it sooo much! Enjoyed looking at your online recipes too! I hope that you continue to have soo much success. I did not get to order the cookbook on QVCbefore sold out, but will definitely find a copy! Thanks for the enjoyment I have had for the last two days! God bless you in all you do and remember to always give HIM praise!

  2. Congratulations, Christy!! Great post, Julia. The book looks fabulous. So exciting!

  3. Julia Cheiffetz says:

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  4. Julia, I’m so tempted to get on a plane and fly up there to hug the stuffing out of you!
    Thank you for believing in me from the start.
    Christy 🙂

    • Ajinkay says:

      Feuza – Genius, my eyes are filled with happy tears, you did an amanizg job and your vision for your business is so clear, love love love chasing wonders~ God Bless you my friend

      • Cristiano says:

        What the hell! Are we all-of-a-sudden first-graders now?!? Have we forgotten what blngigog is all about?! NO need to apologize for your thoughts and opinions, Bobby! No need at all. Blogging was created for a reason out of a deep, universal need. It’s a way in which you can share your thoughts and opinions WITHOUT having to worry about what others think!OK, so you don’t personally like paid opinion posts. So friggin’ what! Should those who do them get their panties all in a bunch? I think not. Christy writes, I’m disappointed at the way that bloggers treat one another. Each of the different types of bloggers attack the other types of bloggers for what they write or don’t write, for what they believe in, and on and on. Uh, Christy, that’s precisely what you’re doing in your post about it! Love ya darlin’, but it doesn’t make any sense at all to complain about the very same thing you do yourself.Bottom line lighten up! Sheesh. We’re bloggers, not first-graders. Yes, we have very strong opinions but so ddoes everyone else in this world!One important thing to ponder: If we can’t get along in the blogosphere, then how the hell will we get along in real life?!? Shine on,Aaron

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