The New Brooklyn Cookbook Tasting

Recipes and Stories from 31 Restaurants that Put Brooklyn on the Culinary Map

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend a pre-pub tasting event at the Brooklyn Kitchen for The New Brooklyn Cookbook, Melissa and Brendan Vaughan’s ode to 31 restaurants that have changed the culinary landscape of the borough.  The New Brooklyn Cookbook includes recipes, stunning photographs, artisanal profiles, and behind-the-scenes glimpses at Brooklyn institutions (Al Di Là), as well as up-and-comers (Char No. 4).  

As I discovered at the event, part of the fun of this book involves flipping through and counting the places you’ve tried (7 for me), and the ones you’ve had on your short-list for ages.  When I wasn’t paging through The New Brooklyn Cookbook, I was enjoying the discussion with chef/owners from The Farm on Adderley, Prime Meats, Marlow & Sons, and Mama O’s Premium Kimchi.  Brendan Vaughan led a conversation about the dining scene in Brooklyn, and the genesis of farm-to-table, New Brooklyn cooking.  The chefs spoke of a sense of community, devout local customers, and the feeling that Brooklyn doesn’t cook for the world stage the way Manhattan does.  A few years ago, New York Magazine wrote of “a very New York culinary sophistication melded with a wistfully agrarian passion for the artisanal, the sustainably grown, and the homespun.” I couldn’t put it better myself.  

After the talk, it was time to taste.  My favorite dishes included the melt-in-your-mouth fluke crudo from Marlow & Sons and a pretzel sandwich from my brunch obsession, Prime Meats.  On a sidenote: their lacto-fermented pickle was one of the best I’ve ever eaten.  Add some spicy Bavarian mustard, and I was in hinterland heaven. 

It’s natural to see the appeal of The New Brooklyn Cookbook  for Brooklynites, but any home cook or devotee of contemporary cuisine will enjoy trying their hand at the recipes in this book.  For more information, check out the feature in Edible Brooklyn, and stay tuned—throughout the month I’ll be blogging about my own Brooklyn-inspired foodie attempts. 

Happy eating/reading! 

Library Marketing Associate, foodie, reluctant hipster, and blogger on The Roaring 20s

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