Fight off Fall with Peaches and Pork

You can always tell it’s late summer when the sun arrives late to the dawn, or when a cool breeze raises the hair on tanned arms. Fall is twiddling his thumbs right around the corner, waiting for summer to fold up her beach umbrella and head of out of town for the next nine months. If you’re at all like me, you aren’t ashamed to beg the lady, “Noo, Summer, please don’t gooooo!” Rather than digging in my heels this Labor Day weekend the way I usually do, this year I’m trying for a smoother transition, serving my guests a recipe for the grill which combines favorite flavors from summer with a heavier cut of meat.

I love cooking with Adam Perry Lang’s BBQ 25, in part because it’s like a board book for grown-ups. Its stiff pages, simple recipes and graphic layout ensure that I won’t miss a single step, since I can prop the book up on the counter or by the grill, and just follow the arrows.

Peach PorkThis weekend I am making the eleventh recipe in the book, for pork chops (rib & saddle) cut over 1 inch. Now, I wouldn’t normally say that pork chops on the grill are a summertime dish, and in fact the recipe Adam gives calls for apple juice and chopped green apples—which is definitely a more autumnal flavor. But what can I say, I have these fantastic pork chops in my newly organized freezer and I really want to grill them. In the past, I have respectfully tweaked Adam’s recipe to make it more appropriate for the summer: wherever it said “apple” I substituted “peach.” And oh my goodness, it worked out beautifully! I’m going to repeat the switcheroo this weekend, serving the chops with green beans (sautéed with olive oil, garlic and lemon), and grilled peaches (cut in thick slices, rubbed with olive oil, and seasoned with a dash of balsamic vinegar and black pepper). What can I say, other than I think you all should follow my lead here—resist the departure of summer, and eat peaches as long as you possibly can.

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